Die Wahl des Switch-Typs entscheidet darüber, wann eine Taste anschlägt und ob beim Drücken der Taste ein taktiles oder hörbares Feedback entsteht oder nicht. Other than that, this keyboard is damn near perfect. Die tastatur wird ohne programm geliefert und ich finde das ist hier ein problem. It’s sleek, beautiful, and obviously of good quality. It’s one of the most beautiful keyboards that i could find for this price tag and when i started using it for typing it feels awesome too. Denn viele Eigenarten der PC-Tastatur leiten sich … Mine came in with stains and scratches on the base of the keyboard ( the aluminum part ) and maybe it’s cause of the sticker defect but the sticker wasn’t stick tot he box and it looks like my box had been opened previously. Free shipping for many products! When i put it into the light blue setting it went to pure white backlight so that seems to be an issue. Here’s my original review of the white keyboard:i’ve been working with this keyboard for several days, and i’m getting used to the stiff keys and tactile feedback, so i’m increasing my rating to five stars. Auch bei den RGB-Schaltern von Cherry handelt es sich bloß um Erweiterungen, die nichts am Klickgefühl ändern. Its design is really cute, but most importantly its very ergonomic. Other than that i still get a lot of compliments and i like the variety of colors you can set it to. The keyboard seems to be quite durable; however, i have no intention on throwing it around to test that theory. The only thing left to be desired is better custom lighting options. Les macro ce font directement sur le clavier avec la touche rec. In my opinion, a big plus for this model is it’s design. I really recommend this and this brand when it comes to computer based products. AOC Agon AG251FG 63 cm – 132 Standardtasten, 12 programmierbare Makro-Tasten, 6 Lichtarten Fähigkeit zuweisen, L1 / L2 / L3 mit Hintergrundbeleuchtung Einstellung Funktionen, Multimedia-Tasten und Passthrough-USB-Anschluss. Palm rest gets first mention because perfect for me, most comfortable i’ve had or used, just right. Would highly recommendedit:i had an issue where in-game my movement would be slowed if i was walking or the button would be activated 100s of times when i was holding the button down (this did not affect typing). It has a lot of strong points, and a few low points that unfortunately out weigh the good. Not as loud and obnoxious as blue and not as soft as red. We are a german-language website reviewing mechanical keyboards for the german audience. The leds have a wide range of color. And custom setups are quite simple to make. Entweder sollte treiber / software mit geliefert werden oder der hersteller sollte seine seite für eu aktualisieren. Besten REDRAGON Maya K550W Mechanical Tastatur Gaming Keyboard mit Hintergrundbeleuchtung RGB LED für RTS, FPS, MMO Englische Layout QWERTY(Weiß) Einkaufsführer. Cette aide serai la bienvenue. A delivery time estimation cannot be given for this item. Ich hoffe sehr das dort noch was passiert. Erlebe das neue VR Spiel ab sofort in unserem Showroom. If you are an international company interested in sponsoring Dragon, shoot us or Dragon a message and we can sort something out. Man also beim arbeiten oder spielen titel wechseln oder das fenster wechseln zu müssen. N-Key-Rollover. Da mechanische Tastaturen oftmals ein sehr hörbares Feedback geben, selbst wenn sie nicht "clicky" sind, stören sich viele an den Geräuschen. The led functions are fantastic, although somewhat hard to figure out at first. I ordered this keyboard back in july of 2018. Multicolor RGB-LEDs für jeden Tasten für nahezu unbegrenzte Tastaturanpassung. This leads me to believe that the redragon keyboard is defective and something inside the keyboard stopped working and gave out after three weeks. 3,0 von 5 Sternen L’emballage etait un peu habime. DE4212562A1 DE19924212562 DE4212562A DE4212562A1 DE 4212562 A1 DE4212562 A1 DE 4212562A1 DE 19924212562 DE19924212562 DE 19924212562 DE 4212562 A DE4212562 A DE 4212562A DE 4212562 A1 DE4212562 A1 DE 4212562A1 Authority DE Germany Prior art keywords snap snap disks plate membrane keyboard diameter Prior art date 1992-04-15 Legal status (The legal status … Very useful with some monitors and speaker systems. I’m obsessed and absolutely love this keyboard. Bevor wir auf die wichtigsten Cherry MX-Schalter eingehen, daher hier erstmal eine kurze Übersicht der aktuellen Switches: Cherry MX Silent & RGB Sowohl die Cherry MX Silent-Switches als auch die RGB-Versionen stellen lediglich Weiterentwicklungen der bisherigen Modelle dar. Ich habe den herstellern geschrieben aber leider keine antwort bekommen. The full rgb is superb, you can choose a color for each individual keys witch is nice,great keyboard. They were extremely helpful when i first got the keyboard, i had some questions and concerns regarding functionality. You can’t beat this keyboard functionality-wise, or feel-wise, plus it looks clean. Loudness- i needed a quite keyboard, and this can be that for you. I bought both and still own both for my lan room with 2 gaming pc’s, one red and black theme and one white/silver theme. Von Michael am 30. That doesn’t mean that it’s a bad keyboard – it’s not. The key layout is exactly how i like it with everything being appropriately sized and oriented. The other were a corsair k95 rgb with red cherry switches and a corsair strafe red with blue switches. My brothers pc can use it just fine. Der Name sagt dabei auch schon alles wichtige aus, und zwar dass die Schalter mit RGB-LEDs ausgestattet sind, die individuell beleuchtet werden können. This is my first gaming keyboard, and i’m in love with everything about it. It just says:”device is not detected, the key settings can not be displayed”i was going to match it with the white and blue theme that i have for my desktop but i couldn’t do it properly because i’m unable to manually setup a costume blue profile and it doesn’t have a static lighting effect that i could use for getting the static blue i wanted. With just the right amount of pressure required. Also i had an issue with the first keyboard where it shut off on its own and also certain keys stopped working or were malfunctioning and i had to unplug everything or reset my computer constantly. Uninstalling that software makes my pc feel much smoother in everything, especially rocket league and apex legends. The build quality is awesome. So what i did was i set my macros to the f keys instead since the “g” keys functions as f key if no macros are programmed from the keyboard itself. Am Bord Speicher zum Speichern von Makros und Beleuchtungskonfigurationen, auch wenn Sie auf der Straße zu nehmen Ihrer Tastatur. ONE 2 Mini Gaming Keyboard, MX Speed Silver,... ONE 2 Mini Gaming Tastatur, MX-Black, RGB-LED - weiß, ONE 2 Mini Gaming Tastatur, MX-Blue, RGB-LED, schwarz. Mechanische Keyboards bieten zudem häufig sehr viele Extras, zum Beispiel Hintergrundbeleuchtung oder Makro Tasten, die in Verbindung mit der überlegenen Technik besonders gut zur Geltung kommen. High quality leds* media control buttons and volume scroll wheel. With raised keys, it’s not loud because of the key caps hitting the body of the keyboard when depressed, and it’s not loud when you are pressing the switches down. +49 (0)30 - 40 36 642 - 07 Hier finden Sie eine Übersicht der auf mechanical-keyboard.org vorgestellten Tastaturen und Informationen zu ihrem Abschneiden im Test. Just didn’t have that crispness wow factor i expect from mechanical keyboards, compared to my red switches, as i test typed, my typing felt more sluggish and slow. mechanische-tastatur.de Alles Wissenswerte zu Technik, /Switch-Typen, einen direkten Vergleich der Tastaturen, Gewinnspiele und vieles mehr. Einige Switches arbeiten relativ geräuschlos und geben kein haptisches Feedback, wenn der Klick- oder Schaltpunktpunkt erreicht ist. The media keys are responsive, but not mechanical. This is the only downside: no software to fully customize lights or preprogrammed macros (calculator, media, email). Le produit etait intact pas de souci de ce cote. Entweder an Profis der schreibenden Zunft oder an Gamer, die keine Kompromisse bei Qualität und Ansprechverhalten machen wollen. It feels similar to those high branded ones ( i have a lot of mechanical keyboard myself ) it’s worth a purchase if you’re looking for a keyboard that isn’t very loud and looks clean + it comes with an arm rest. Mechanische PC-Tastaturen gibt es in unterschiedlichen Variationen mit spürbar unterschiedlichen Tasten-Modulen. And again when i got into some live text debates, my words appeared fast on the screen without as many errors from trying to type too fast just to impress my keyboard. Keyboard has a nice clean look and there is a software of it on the manufacturers website to easily change the colors and program the macros. Genau das richtige für einen Gamer, AOC AGON AG273QX 68 cm – At the same time, they are also pros: no software = no bs to mess with or to have a bad update or no annoying software running in the background. Mai 2019 Wer am Computer isst oder raucht macht zwangsläufig seine Tastatur dreckig. The power cable that connects to the pc is very thick and can be difficult to maneuver for cable management. The keys are very responsive, rgb has great effects and variety and the macro keys are awesome. Die bekanntesten mechanischen Tastenschalter werden von dem deutschen Hersteller Cherry gefertigt und sind Teil der Cherry MX-Serie. One thing i noticed is that since the base of the keyboard is aluminum, when typing, each key clack sounds tinny. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 13039 Gentschausrasten! The item is in stock at our warehouse and can be shipped immediately. Linguee. Es gibt aber auch andere Funktionsprinzipien, wie beispielsweise mechanische oder pneumatische Tastaturen. Pros: beautiful keyboardcons: keys aren’t as stiff as i like and although mechanical, do not “click”, of course i am comparing them to an old 1984+ ibm mechanical keyboard that i replaced with this one. The different flash options and colours are so cool. I will be returning the keyboard and will probably shell out extra money for something of higher quality and longer lasting. Is just plastic without any padding but not resisting angle my hands none is needed. Pros:taking it out of the packaging i was actually really surprised as to how heavy it is, the build is great quality and better than the cheap chinese plastic i was expecting. Mikrofon hat aufgehört zu funktionieren, Philips Monitors Philips 273V5LHAB/00 68 : Translate texts with the world's best machine translation technology, developed by the creators of Linguee. Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Returns & Orders. ONE 2 Backlit PBT Gaming Keyboard, MX Blue, White... ONE 2 Mini Gaming Tastatur, MX-Blue, RGB-LED, weiß, ONE 2 Mini Gaming Keyboard, MX Brown, RGB-LED, White, ROG Claymore Core RGB Gaming Tastatur, MX-Brown, ONE 2 SF Gaming Tastatur, MX-Blue, RGB LED - weiß. * color modes can be programmed without an external application* the outemu purple switches are my favorite mechanical key switches* the keycaps are better than the keycaps on my k70 (e. Textured and thicker)* more keys — more macro keys, more shortcut keys* the shifted keys have the characters/symbols side-by-side instead of upside down on the corsair (which i find very annoying). Still, i am tired of buying keyboards that end up in a box in the basement trying to satisfy my ludicrously specific desires so i am settling for this one. Is a big deal, i’ve used keyboards for decades was always compromise coin flip if was better without or with one, having compensate for too much, too little or odd angles but with this one my hands rest at a perfectly natural angle. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Dabei seit Apr. But it is a problem if you are using the keyboard for typing during the work day, like i am. Note: it took me a few weeks to get used to the feel of the k550. ]die sehr schnell gelieferte tastatur sieht einwandfrei und sauber verarbeitet aus und hat schöne details. The lights still light up but i get no response or input to the computer. Try I got the white one and it looks really awesome with my other equipment. Call us right away! The keys on the black one seem to have slightly different throw and stick a tad more. Real smooth when typing, and super responsive for gaming with macros to boot. Dazu wurde eine Geräuschdämpfung hinzugefügt, ansonsten sind die Schalter jedoch baugleich. My most beloved perixx px-5200 keyboard has recently begun to fail and i have gone in search of a back-lit keyboard with on-the-fly macro recording that would function with my kvm setup. Sous les touches cest en metal letout super rendu. With just the right amount of pressure required. Les touche en plastic et les touches sont tres souples aux clique. Je recommande ce clavier pour ce qui on un ptit budget et attention clavier qwerty. Die sogenannte "Bottom out / Top out Dämpfung" ist ein 2-Komponenten-Stößel, der das klassische Klicken der mechanischen Switches reduziert. Randomly died in three weeks: no drops, no bumps, no spills. My first mechanical keyboard very pleased with it, good features i only wish it was easier to customize the keys. Hello, Sign in. The extra buttons and the volume wheel are top notch. I like the feel of it when im typing, working and gaming, it has a lot of different setting that can be tinkered with and the size is just perfect. Eine Tastatur ist ein Eingabegerät, das als Bedien- und Steuerelement eine Anzahl von mit den Fingern zu drückenden Tasten enthält. – detachable, ample sized wrist rest. Bin zufrieden mit der tastertur, einzige was mich stört das man keine software dazu bekommt und ewig lang im internet suchen muss. The key caps feels a lot like the logitech keys, they’re not as smooth as the razer ones and feel a little bit matte. This makes cleaning them a bit more time consuming and quite plainly a pain. Overall, i really feel this was worth the investment and i hope to keyboard this keyboard around with me for many years to comecons:my biggest complaint with the keyboard is that it uses 2 usb ports. ONE 2 Christmas Limited Edition, MX-Brown, RGB LED... ONE 2 Mini Gaming Keyboard, MX Silent Red, RGB-LED,... ONE 2 TKL PBT Gaming Tastatur, MX-Red, RGB LED -... MIYA Pro Panda Edition TKL Gaming Keyboard, MX-Red... ONE 2 TKL Skyline PBT Gaming Tastatur, MX-Black - grau, ONE 2 Mini Gaming Tastatur, MX-Black, RGB-LED, schwarz. So with thought i going return it, i got distracted doing some web stuff when i noticed. La tastiera funziona bene, sembra solida e il tocco è piacevolele mie lamentele riguardano l’ illuminazione, se come me la utilizzate al buio scoprirete che ci sono diverse impostazioni predefinite, una più scenografica dell’ altra ma nessuna funzionale, ci sono onde, arcobaleni e colorazioni adatte a una discoteca che continuano a distrarre ma non esiste un’ impostazione per mettere un’ illuminazione fissa di un solo colore, la cosa più vicina che si può ottenere è la tastiera monocolore che cicla fra le varie tonalità abbastanza lentamente da non distrarre troppoci fosse stata un’ illuminazione fissa monocolore avrei dato una stella in più, ma la ritengo una mancanza abbastanza grave. Great tactile, fun to type on keyboard. First and foremost, its a keyboard – the keys feel great i would say its a low-medium resistance. I bought the black redragon k550 and the white one and ended up using the white one since it’s easier to see the keys that are not back-lit in low light. Create your Dream-System! 23. My favorite features are the winkey lock and the macros. The shipping speed depends on the chosen shipping method or transport service provider. I received this yesterday and i am. Delays of the delivery date can, unfortunately, not be completely excluded. Every now and then i get a “stuck” key press in that it prints the same character several times until i press some other key. These switches are loud when they jump back up from being pushed down, and there’s no way to muffle the sound. The switch does not click at all, but the key offers a nice clack noise when hit(can be taken away with o-rings, which i did and now i can use it in my quite office and not piss everyone off like i did with my other keyboard)already loving the feel. Mechanische Tastatur reinigen: So klappts! Bestseller Spielgeräte - Maus, Tastatur, Kopfhörer und Monitor. Overall, this is a pretty good keyboard at this price. Purple switches have a great feel. Gaming-Keyboards sind in der Regel mit einer bestimmten Sorte Switches ausgestattet – daher sollte vor dem Kauf klar sein, welche Art der Eingabe bevorzugt wird. Has anyone had any luck fixing this issue if you’ve ever faced it?i’ve already tried connecting it to different usb ports but nothing really worked. This has been a surprisingly exhaustive search that has yielded an even more surprisingly few decent contenders. There is a solution though which is why i’m still giving this keyboard 4 stars. That was a pretty disappointing problem that i haven’t been able to find a solution for in the web. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Redragon K550 Yama RGB LED Backlit Customizable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (White) at Amazon.com. For the price, this keyboard is worth it compared to its competitors. Sehr zufrieden, Marke: Logitech G Logitech G700 Gaming Lasermaus schnurlos : Someone complained windows key didn’t work, and i think i had same problem when i first plugged mine in. Over all the silver one is nicer with a nicer look. The switches are louder than reds but non clicky,all the buttons on it worked on arrival. Neuerdings habe ich ein Problem: Eine Taste der Tastatur "klebt" etwas, undzwar die Leertaste. My first impression typing on it was “meh”. I’ve been looking at keyboards like corsairs for years and i was wanting a keyboard with a lot of macros for setting up scenes etc on obs for streaming on twitch. The lights are beautiful and in my opinion with the white background, it only helps to enforce the keyboards display, making the keys easy to read. Moved onto 2 6gv2’s since then. – integrated volume wheel and mute button. I haven’t looked into it enough to know if they serve different functions, but at least for now it seems both are required. Top Maus, auch unter OSX. I contacted amazon and got a replacement. The problem is that after a few strokes the key cap will just fall down xd no big deal, i just put it back in place and that’s it. Pros:- cost, its a good price for so much integration. Jay mendoza”(siehe auch die guten detail bilder unten): link siehe bild(mfg amazon link entfernung)[. Die verpackung war bei mir mit den original hersteller klebestreifen verklebt und demnach neu und kein rückläufer. Note: problems with windows 10?.See notes below for a solution. That’s what brought me to this keyboard. Le retroeclairage est superbe. N-Key-Rollover (auch NKRO oder Full N-Key-Rollover genannt) gibt an, ob und wie viele Tasten gleichzeitig gedrückt werden können. Wer gerne bastelt, kann die Switches jedoch auch jederzeit austauschen. Your browser does not support html5 video. and welcome to all international visitors. Darüber hinaus liegen zwei Matten lose im Gehäuse, welche ganz nach Bedarf selbst montiert werden. Has a bit of a hollow sound to it since it’s basically sitting right on aluminum. Schöne silber Aluminium RGB LED Tastatur! That should be a consideration if you’re going to be using the keyboard in a low or no light situation. I definitely recommend this product especially to gamers who are looking for an affordable keyboard and want it within days. Overall, good keyboards for the price imo. Das führt dann dazu, dass man Tasten entweder garnicht drücken kann, oder Zeichen mehrfach registriert werden. EP0036570B1 EP81101815A EP81101815A EP0036570B1 EP 0036570 B1 EP0036570 B1 EP 0036570B1 EP 81101815 A EP81101815 A EP 81101815A EP 81101815 A EP81101815 A EP 81101815A EP 0036570 B1 EP0036570 B1 EP 0036570B1 Authority EP European Patent Office Prior art keywords characterised snap keyboard according element metal frame Prior art date 1980-03-26 Legal status … They load but only say “device is not detected, the key settings can not be displayed”.So all the extra function keys are useless to me except for the pre-programmed multimedia keys and volume control which do work. Switches feel clicky without sounding too clicky – if you hit your keys hard, and bottom the switches, it will sound much clickier. They look stunning, and they are in a price point where you would think these are cheaply made, which they are not. Are there any special drives i should get for the software to detect the keyboard or something i’m missing?. I tried all the same ports with two keyboards, a corsair k65 and a ttesports poseidon and both keyboard worked in all the ports. I dont know if its just me but the silver one seems better. Hab längere zeit eine helle aluminium rgb led tastatur gesucht(alu silber & helle tasten) und mit dieser einen sehr guten fang gemacht. I have a 240hz monitor with a 144hz second monitor, a decent processor and a good graphics card. We will build your unique DREAM SYSTEM! I purchased the silver one and the black one. Auf der herstellerseite gibt es zwar die mögleichkeit das programm zu downloaden aber es ist defekt. Die treiber auf der herstellerseite, sind unbrauchbar und lassen sich nicht installieren. my first mechanical keyboard, upgrading from a $10usd logitech keyboard/mouse combo and loving it. In the meantime, here … I like the size and specially the spacing between keys that make other keyboards look cramped. ]ausschlaggebend war auch diese detaillierte rezension von “engr. Positiv:- gute tasten mechanik, tastendruck zwischen cherry mx brown und mx blue- keine bloatware nötig um alle tastatur funktionen nutzen zu können(ganz zu schweigen von cloud crapware) ursprünglich wollte ich eine von den üblichen rgb led verdächtigen razer/corsair kaufen aber die nicht erhältliche helle farbe und die bloatware hat mich davon abgehalten, sogar weniger der hohe preis(~ 150,-€)- integrierter speicher ist in der tastar für die makros und die custom led beleuchtung makros werden auf der tastatur ausgeführt und sind so schnell ohne verzögerung os unabhängig und auch bei z. Call us: I thought it was the port so i tried over five different ports and the keyboard still wouldn’t work. just call: +49 (0)30 - 40 36 642 - 00, In Deutschland Test: Customer Satisfaction. Iv been using this for a few weeks now and im very happy with it. Not sure how explain it, that it just worked really well, a sort of precision in getting the work done that i liked where keyboard just becomes a nonthought and extension of my will. ps: another little personal problem, i tend to use the “end” and “del” keys a lot when i type, but instead of pressing the key i tend to pinch it just a little bit, enough for the key stroke to be detected. All of the keys have a distinct “clicky” sound, aside from maybe the space-bar as well as the custom macro keys on the top. The lighting effects are similar. The keys are clocks, but not annoyingly so. I like to have only what i need running. Um seine MX Switches einer breiteren Masse zugänglich zu machen, hat Cherry daher die Silent-Modelle entworfen, die deutlich leiser sind als ihre "Standard"-Pendants. Subscribe to our free Caseking newsletter and you won't ever miss new products and special deals again. Anyways, without it it’s just fine. Mechanische Tastaturen haben den Vorteil eines anpassbaren Druck-Wegs. Bought this because of the white theme i was going with for my gaming pc setup, love the extra macro keys as well as the multimedia controls. Not as loud as red key switches also means less noise drawing attention away from my work. Sie ist schwerfällig und gibt kein Feedback mehr. This isn’t a real problem for gaming, except that people can hear you typing over your headset. White GAMING KEYBOARD; 104 Key Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Custom Mechanical Switches (Cherry Brown equivalent) designed for longevity with greater durability and responsivenessThe Mechanical Keyboard Keys offer medium resistance, audible click sound, and crisp, precise tactile feedback for ultimate Gaming performance. The keys are not loud and the feel is really good. Seems to be an amazing, well built product. Did not come with any drivers to program function keys or build any custom lighting effects. To be able to use Caseking in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser. Tastatur / Maus / Kopfhörer: USB Tastaturbasis: Metall Tastaturtyp: Echtes mechanisches Gefühl Dicke der Metallplatte: 1,5 mm (andere Tastatur ist 0,5 ~ 1,0 mm) Anti-Schlag-Härte: 2-3-fache Härte als normal Drücken Sie die Tasten kollisionsfrei: Klicken Sie auf 26 Tasten, kein … Keyboard features went beyond expectations. Support advised it does have a 1. They seemed great as well though. I have had this keyboard for a while now and i am generally happy with it. Sie ist gut verarbeitet und angenehm zu benutzen. The volume roller was stiff and hard to turn, but has broken in. Please note the stock status of all the individual components as well as further information in the product description. Otherwise, they keys are very nice and switches work as any other cherry brown.